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Welcome to the apocalypse! It has arrived … not with a bang, but with the white noise hum of tabloid news and the empty promise of the internet.

Richard Scarsbrook’s Apocalypse One Hundred strips back the veneer of our screen filled lives to expose every nip and tuck of our digital fantasies. In one hundred words, each poem peeks over the event horizon to see the noise and distraction that binds us to this world, hemming in thought and imagination.

Scarsbrook turns over the crusty soil of the mediated world to give us strangely familiar new memes, darkly fertile and inverted. There is warning here but also, at its tender and eloquent heart, love.

— Robert Priest

Author of Previously Feared Darkness,
Rosa Rose, and many other books

Gathering the technological detritus of the present and placing it with great care across the page, Richard Scarsbrook invites us to look at the 21st century with unflinching attention, all the while bringing lucidity to its dark complexities. An undoing of dystopian dreams, an unwrapping of fears, and an unmaking of social media mayhem, Apocalypse One Hundred is a perfect and singular gift for our world.

— Kevin Spenst

Author of Ignite and
Jabbering with Bing Bong