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Awards & Honours

Stellar Book Award

2007 Canadian Library Association
Young Adult Book of the Year Award

4.5/5 stars

— The Scene


The sequel to Cheeseburger Subversive was worth the wait. Recommended.

— The Canadian Children’s Book Centre


This novel is every high school boy’s wet dream: drummer Dak Sifter’s adventures forming the rock and roll band Featherless Bipeds, touring, drinking beer, being discovered by the Big Plastic Record Co. and Billy VandenHammer, cutting an album and becoming famous, not to mention dealing with groupies and girlfriends. Did I mention drinking beer?


— Joan Marshall, Canadian Review of Materials


Featherless Bipeds remains at all times as tightly focused as the best short stories … Fans of live pop music will enjoy Scarsbrook’s wonderful evocations of the characters, venues, trials, and successes of such a career, as well as the experience of making music, both onstage and off.

— Storyteller: Canada’s Short Story Magazine


Scarsbrook … create(s) a novel that is not only fast-paced but incredibly funny. He has a great talent for moving easily from the heartache of Dak and Zoe’s ‘star-crossed’ romance to side-splitting scenes … Do Dak and Zoe ever get together? The answer is in Featherless Bipeds, and it’s worth the read to find out.

— What If? Canada’s Fiction Magazine for Teens


Scarsbrook perfectly captures the mind of a teenage boy … Whether you have read the first book (Cheeseburger Subversive) or not, Featherless Bipeds stands on its own, or as a happy revisiting of an old friend.

— Rachel Steen, Canadian Children’s Book News